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Divorce Recovery Workshop

I’m presenting a workshop specifically for those who are searching for healing and support during and after divorce starting on November 8th and running for 10 weeks at Three Oaks Senior High School in Summerside, PEI. 
It’s called The Rebuilding Workshop…
The 10-week Rebuilding Workshop is designed to help you let go of the anger and sadness and have a whole new love for your life and future. By the end of the workshop, you’ll have brought peace, joy, and satisfaction to your life.
And you’ll be armed with mechanisms to healthily process your emotions no matter what comes your way.

Sign up before November 1st and get two free divorce coaching sessions. Don't wait!! 

Here is what you'll get:   

  • WEEK #1: BLOCKS TO HEALING. Learn about the major roadblocks to healing (fear and denial to name a couple) and connect with classmates to share your story and build supportive relationships.

  • WEEK #2: RELATIONSHIP DYNAMICS. Take a look "under the hood" at why you do what you do. Identify what behaviors influenced your past relationships and what they’ll do in the future unless you address them.

  • WEEK #3: GRIEVING THE LOSSES. Learn how to process your grief - and ANY future loss - in a healthy way and finally move forward.

  • WEEK #4: RELEASING ANGER ABOUT THE PAST: Releasing past anger is a major step on your healing journey. Learn how to let go of past anger.

Contact Info

If interested, you can email me at or call me at (902)439-5824 for more info.

  • WEEK #5: MANAGING & EXPRESSING CURRENT ANGER. Understand the underlying causes of anger, the varying degrees of intensity of anger, and how to express it productively.

  • WEEK #6: DEVELOOPING IDENTITY: Examine how your life experiences shaped your identity so you can get to the loving acceptance stage.

  • WEEK #7: BUILDING SELF-ESTEEM: Learn practical ways to sustainably increase your self-esteem.

  • WEEK #8: OPENNESS & EMBRACING AUTHENTICITY: Identify which masks you tend to use and learn how to identify with your real or authentic self.

  • WEEK #9: LOVE, RELATIONSHIPS & FRIENDSHIPS: Discover how to become a loving person to others and yourself. Discuss how to build friendships and create more emotional intimacy.

  • WEEK #10: EXPLORING INTIMACY & TRUST: Rebuilding trust and exploring the potential benefits of intimacy.

What Our Clients Say


Anne N

Words cannot express the valuable insight I found during my workshop experience. I find myself stronger, much happier & less anxiety-ridden. I believe processing every single emotion truly made the difference. I tell anyone going thru a split to invest in this class. You really helped in leading me to the path toward healing.
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