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Specialized Sessions 

If you are ready to rise to the occasion and want to make massive leaps in your healing process and change your life, contact me.

Services: Packages & Rates
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Discovery  Session

30-minute free session

Life is complicated right now so let’s keep this simple. You tell me what is going on and what are you are needing. Together we will discuss how I can help and then determine if it is a good fit. Simple, no-pressure, easy going, confidential conversation that you can schedule today.

Getting Started

60 minutes 1:1 Coaching ($100)

I understand that everyone who walks through my door has unique circumstances and needs, both in terms of their coaching and finances. In our confidential sessions, we explore topics such as co-parenting, effective communication, and setting boundaries. I can help you navigate your divorce with more confidence, courage, and clarity. Sessions will consist of thoughtful questions, deep listening, compassionate support and are customized to your needs. Schedule a session today and let me help you reach your goals!!


Taking Action

3 Comprehensive Coaching Sessions ($250)

If you are considering leaving, are already in the divorce process or are wanting to work on divorce recovery, these comprehensive sessions will guide you in taking action and making the very best decisions for you and your children. In our confidential sessions, we delve into your priorities, prepare you for your visits to lawyers, mediators, or other divorce professionals, and set boundaries with co-parent, family, and friends. These three sessions will focus on problem solving, sound decision making, building self-confidence, and using your best strengths to move you forward for the next chapter of your life. I will save you money, time, and emotional energy. Does this sound like exactly what you need? Schedule an appointment today.

Focus Forward

6 Comprehensive Coaching Sessions ($475)

The six coaching sessions is where we can spend more time determining your needs, setting your goals, and focusing on the best possible outcomes. Everyone is unique so each session is tailored to your circumstances and challenges. It is a time to focus on you and jumpstart your journey in your healing process. We collaborate to find a clear purpose, discover best strengths, develop a mindset shift, and gain self-confidence to guide you on this life-changing journey. We will get clear on your goals and outcomes, so you are prepared for the next chapter in your life. In these sessions we can delve in topics like denial, fear, anger, grief, letting go, transition, openness, self-worth., and purpose

 Give me a call and let’s get to work!!

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